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Parade Rules

The Naples St. Patrick’s Foundation Inc. is a 501c3 and a proud to organize and celebrate the Annual Naples St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Please make sure to review the information below.

All updates will be available on the home page.


Note: Failure to comply with the following rules will result in not being allowed to participate in current or future parades held within the City of Naples.

Maximum of two (2) vehicles allowed per entry. A vehicle pulling a Trailer will be counted as two (2) vehicles. One trolley per entry.

All entries will be evaluated for compliance with the parade Rules and Theme by parade organizers.

Entry may be denied based upon non‑compliance with the Parade rules & regulations and Theme requirements.

City ordiance prohibits alcoholic beverages.

No fundraising allowed.

Participants must stay in their assigned line of march or will be denied participation.

Do not throw any objects during the parade.

IMPORTANT: Vehicles that are not in the Parade are not permitted in the Parade staging area. If participants of your group are meeting you at the staging area or being dropped off near the staging area, please make sure to inform them that their vehicles will not be permitted in the Parade staging area.


We reserve the right to place your unit/group anywhere in the Parade we deem necessary to make a more enjoyable Parade to watch.

Entry fees and sponsorships are tax-exempt donations and are non-refundable.

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